Cast conversaion: Nick Chambers as Todd

We’re stoked to have Boston area standup comic extraordinaire Nick Chambers as the put-upon Shea family in-law Todd.

You may have heard Nick‘s jokes on the radio on your morning commute or been lucky enough to partake his genius Fake Song Fridays series.   I recently got the elusive Mr. Chambers to go on the record for a little chat:

Brendan:  This is exciting, isn’t it? Being on the record?

Nick:  Yes! I’m the Zodiac Killer!  Oops…

Brendan:  Wow. I did not expect this conversation to go there this quickly.  I figured we’d eventually get there.  But you came right out with it, huh?

Nick:  Feels so good to get that off my chest, man.

Brendan:  I think a lot of people know you as a stand up comic, but this role isn’t a comedy role. Is that weird?

Nick:  Not for me. As much as I love comedy, it’s almost more fun to be the straight man. And I notice in my stand up, I’m starting to add more serious moments where the audience is just quiet for a while.

Brendan:  When we met, we were working on a movie where there were a lot of serious elements as well as the comedy. I definitely am trying to bring both with this project because humor is the main way a lot of people deal with heaviness.

Nick:  I definitely see that. I don’t know how I would handle most things if humor wasn’t involved somehow. And I worked in the mental health field for a few years and being able to joke around with people was really helpful.

Brendan:  What do you think some of the challenges are going to be for you playing Todd?

Nick:  I feel like I’m a really immature person. Playing a father who is trying to be supportive while his wife and her family go through this major change in their life is way more adult than I would be ready for in real life.

Brendan:  What’s the most immature thing you did today?

Nick:  Watched Punky Brewster.

Brendan:  I had a big Soleil Moon Frye thing for a while. Remember when she reappeared as a teenager on The Wonder Years?  She took her sweater off in a boat or something.  And suddenly, I realized I was in full on puberty.  (Editor’s note:  Upon further research, she was in a boat but it was a polo shirt that she almost took off when Kevin Arnold got flustered and fell in the water.)

Nick:  I don’t remember that.  I remember her showing up on Sabrina the Teenage Witch though.

Brendan:  That was past my time. But back to SUNDOWN – I thought of you for Todd because even though he spends a lot of time getting shit on by the family, I think there’s a quiet upstanding decency to him.  He may have no idea what to do, but he’s trying, you know?

Nick:  Thanks!  It’s good to know I was successful in tricking you into thinking I’m upstanding in any kind of way.   So how did this script come about for you?

Brendan:  Ironically enough, it started out as a biopic about the Zodiac killer and somehow morphed into this.

Nick:  If you ever decide to return to the original story, let me know if you need a consultant.  

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