Cast conversation: Veronica Wiseman as Monique

Here’s another conversation with a SUNDOWN cast member.  This time, I talk to Veronica Wiseman who plays Monique, a fellow survivor of a partner with dementia who befriends Clara (played by Zele Avradopoulos).

Although relatively new to film, Veronica is a veteran of the stage.  We typed back and forth for a bit about the leap from theater to film as well as dementia and leather jackets:

Veronica:  By the way, my typing sucks.

Brendan: It’s ok – I’ll edit it.  I had to edit Grayson WAY down.  That boy’s a talker.  So what has been your experience like with the movie so far?

Veronica: I am just glad to be part of it. When I told everyone about the story, I was tremendously proud. It feels like we’re doing something important.

Brendan:  I didn’t know something important could have this many f-bombs in it.

Veronica:  That’s why it will be accessible to so many folks.

Brendan:  Yeah, it’s kind of hard to take on this subject matter without feeling too heavy. That’s why I like to throw in all the juvenile jokes.

Veronica:  My father-in-law is showing signs…not Alzheimer’s but age-related memory stuff.  We are all scared.  Our insides are mush.  I know it is everywhere.  People are scared, so in a way it is important to normalize it and make folks see that it is about everyone everywhere.

Brendan:  You’ve done mostly theater before this, right?

Veronica:  Yeah. I am a stage actor and I mostly do straight plays but I get a lot of calls for musicals because I can sing and I have that character thing going for me.

Brendan:  I did not know this. Is it too late to write in a musical number for you?

Veronica:  Not too late.  I can sing over the credits.  Monique at the nursing home.

Brendan:  What’s your favorite show tune to sing?

Veronica:  “I Had A Dream” from Gypsy.  Perfect for my range.

Brendan:  Maybe we’ll get Monique singing a tune or two. What do you like about her?

Veronica:  She hides behind sarcasm and deflects stuff with jokes because she does not want anyone to know she’s needy.  Being alone really scares her I think.

Brendan:  That’s one of the things I wanted to really explore in this film – the point of view of the partners of people going through dementia.

Veronica:  You want her to be more rough around the edges than I am?  Can she be like a biker chick?

Brendan:  I want all her lines to be in song. A singing biker chick.

Veronica:  Yeah!  I need a tattoo.  Several tattoos.

Brendan:  So what do you want people reading this to know about the movie?

Veronica:  I think I want people to come to the movie not expecting a “downer” or a sappy show  but a slice of life.  Imperfect people coming together when they are in need.  Despite their struggles, they know that they have each other.  I guess that does sound sappy.  

Brendan:  A little bit.  But the movie isn’t, I swear.

Veronica:  Can Monique wear a black leather jacket?

Brendan:  You’re stuck on this biker thing, aren’t you?

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